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Fight to Keep Your Record Clean

Our firm represents citizens accused of traffic violations, alcohol related charges, and assault citations. We fight or negotiate your case to reduce costs and protect your record in municipal and justice courts in Fort Worth, Arlington, and surrounding cities throughout Tarrant County.

We understand that even Class C offenses can have a lasting impact on your finances and your life, and we are passionate about helping people in municipal court. We work to keep tickets off of your record or to get an expunction. MIP or MIC tickets can have a lasting impact on education opportunities and employment. Class C Assault cases can impact child custody, employment, and future prosecution. Call Tarrant Tickets in Fort Worth, Texas.
"We will work hard to make it easier on you today and to protect your future."
Tarrant Tickets

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking laws and penalties can be confusing and a mistake can have a lasting consequences. Alcohol laws in Texas make the stakes incredibly high. You need to be ready to go to trial.


Speeding Tickets

Fighting a speeding ticket may be your best option. Our attorneys often get tickets dismissed, fines reduced, or win at trial. You have options besides just paying whatever amount the court tells you to pay.

Speeding Ticket

Texas Point System

Traffic tickets can have consequences beyond the fine you pay in court. Understanding Texas “Driver Responsibility Points” and surcharges is essential to handling traffic citations. Protect your driving record.

Driving Record

CDL Tickets

Our CDL tickets lawyer handles a variety of CDL traffic violations and equipment violations. If you have a commercial driver's license call a CDL Ticket Lawyer. Protect your livelihood.

CDL Tickets