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Speeding Tickets

Our attorneys are here for you. We fight for your rights to help you avoid costly penalties associated with traffic tickets in Fort Worth.

Code Compliance

If you are a developer or a builder in Texas, or if you are an ordinary citizen involved in a dispute with a municipal agency or government, you want an experienced attorney to help you protect your rights.

Seatbelt Tickets

In order to avoid this full year suspension, even a no seat belt violation must be taken as seriously as any other traffic related offense.

Trucker Lawyer

What are you going to do when you can no longer make a living? Every traffic ticket, for which you are convicted, makes you less insurable for your employer. Every conviction will probably increase in your insurance rates and make you a less-desirable employee. Convictions for some traffic or operating violations may even cause the suspension or revocation of your CDL. Protect livelihood, and protect your family, get a Fort Worth CDL Ticket Attorney on your case.

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Traffic Tickets

Whether you just got a ticket, you're worried about old tickets you never attended to, or you're concerned an arrest warrant is out there with your name on it, we're here to help!

Alcohol Violations

Because local procedures and attitude towards the Texas minor in possession laws vary by community, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer who is familiar with how these cases are handled in your area.

Sexual Business

Cities in Tarrant County have regulations for businesses that are “sexually oriented” in nature.

Commercial Drivers

We know that commercial drivers deal with a lot of stress on the job. Whether you drive a big-rig for a commercial trucking company or work as a delivery driver, you have to deal with the risks of accidents while transporting valuable business goods.
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Fort Worth Ticket Attorney Introduction

Many may think that it's no big deal in getting traffic citations, but obtaining any Class C Misdemeanor can have negative and long lasting effects on one's future. If accused of a traffic violation, or any other Class C Misdemeanor, court costs and fines may be required for payment to the city (Fort Worth), there may be points on one's record, Driver's License Suspension could occur, and rates may increase on the person's auto insurance. Our lawyers regularly successfully fight citations in Fort Worth Municipal Court and other Tarrant County tickets courts. We have just a short walk from our office to the courthouse, and we are always ready to stand up to the city prosecutor and judges. Even though "tickets" are the lowest level of criminal offense in Texas, people suffer real and serious consequences. Unfortunately, the system makes it difficult for an individual to defend themselves. Practically every city or county herds people like cattle toward the payment window - either online or at the courthouse. Do not pay your fine or court-costs without speaking to one of our ticket attorneys.

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Tickets

CDL Ticket Attorney in Fort Worth

A bus driver (someone driving a bus for money) that is carrying passengers must stop before crossing railroad tracks. The driver must stop stop the bus further away than 15 feet but closer than 50 feet to a the railroad. Then the person driving the bus is supposed to listen and look in both directions […]


As an attorney representing commercial drivers, my experience through the years has been that CDL holders are held to a higher degree of responsibility. In this regard, violations of the traffic rules and other laws come with more substantial repercussions. Suffice it to say, bigger vehicles come with bigger responsibility as far as road safety […]


Texas Traffic Ticket Attorney We strive to save you money and time. We help lift warrants and protect commercial driver’s licenses (CDL). From speeding tickets to assault tickets, call us. Fight to Keep Your Record Clean Our firm represents citizens accused of traffic violations, alcohol related charges, and assault citations. We fight or negotiate your […]


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